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There was a real key change even in betweens seasons one and two — and certainly I think in New York," "Master of None" cocreator Alan Yang recently told Business insider of the popularity of dating apps.

On season two, Aziz Ansari's character Dev is still single after breaking up with Rachel (Noël Wells) on the season-one finale and after spending several months in Italy.

As I scrolled through Instagram last night, I stumbled across a friend’s screenshot of the Whole Foods zinger.

It was the eighth time, she said, that she’d received the line since the show premiered this month. A few minutes of browsing through If you’re a fan of the show seeking a clever way to find other watchers, the Whole Foods line can be endearing.

, Dev Shah (Aziz Ansari) has honed the perfect message to break through the clutter of unoriginal dating app one-liners.

While most men greet potential dates with the dreaded “hey” or “hi” (the height of unoriginality), Dev takes a lighter approach: “Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick you up anything?

WHOLE FOODS CEO John Mackey sparked outrage recently when he said in an interview with National Public Radio that the Obama administration's health care law was "like fascism." Although it caused a stir in the media, such comments are nothing new from the multimillionaire libertarian--a man who once compared having a union to having herpes ("It doesn't kill you, but it's unpleasant and inconvenient").

The notoriously-pricey chain stands accused of one of the worst cases of overcharging customers. According to Hater’s data, Pennsylvanians hate Chai Lattes most. After tracking the most-hated things in each state last month, they are now ranking the most hated foods.It’s an immediate in-joke for you and a would-be cutie — an easy way to connect over the fact that you both love Netflix and Aziz Ansari.Like bloggers who have used lines to test their would-be dates, there’s potential for some sweet, momentary role-playing.It's true: Whole Foods employees "voted" on our benefits package this year.


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