Spiritual leadership in dating dating with young children

It’s a myth that has impacted so many people– from the single women I’ve interacted with, to the married couples I’ve counseled, and even the friends I’ve had. I’d met a friend at a local bistro downtown for coffee and somehow the conversation drifted into discussing our marriages.

She opened up about how she was struggling with some specifics in her relationship, namely–that her husband wasn’t a “spiritual leader”.

There’s an ongoing myth hovering around the Christian community that I’ve been wanting to address for a while.

It’s a myth that I myself believed for a long time– one that impacted my personal life, my relationships, and even my marriage.

Before you try to start leading, you need to make sure you are following. Philippians 2 gives us a great picture of Jesus' love and example. But Christ's example and calling for Christian leaders is to be eager to serve. There is something unique and intimate about praying together.

Men whose hearts are humble before the Lord can be shaped by Him. Was it a youth pastor, college pastor, Young Life leader? Be the man that makes your wife light up when you speak about her at meal tables with your friends. It is marked by putting others' needs before your own. Put down the rights you think you deserve and start sacrificing for your wife. The other day my wife asked if I could help with one of our foster sons. I've read statistics of what prayer in marriages does for the health of a marriage. Spiritual leadership in marriage is not something we should leave as a vague idea that exists in someone else's reality.

Many Christian women want to be led spiritually by their husbands, but they're not really sure what it looks like to follow.

But how does the Bible define spiritual leadership?

What characteristics are essential in leading biblically? In this short essay, John Piper answers these questions by explaining the true marks of a spiritual leader.

Often times, what can result is a chaotic mess of unmet expectations.

Recently, I sat across the table from a young married man who wanted to know some practical ways to lead his wife.


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