John cena dating trish stratus

" Her original pitch for the obsessed fan storyline was different from what fans saw: "I had actually written that character and written that storyline, because I didn't know Trish [Stratus], I love Trish but I didn't know Trish as a person. Because you don't want to just pitch this idea out to somebody and they're like, I frickin' hate it man.

It would've thrown a different edge on it." If it's difficult being in the same business as husband Magnus: "He's a good man. You know this business is hard, especially with two people in the same industry... Luckily he's secure enough in himself and he's very smart and very savvy outside the world of wrestling as well. It's a hard balance." Would she like to see him in WWE?

  Ok first off, trish said in her interview a couple of weeks ago on dirict tv she wasnt intrsted in anyone in WWE.

James, who is 5’5″ and 135 pounds, has been working in wrestling since the late 1990s, and she is considered to be one of the WWE’s greatest female performers of all time.

Later that year, she released a single called “Hardcore Country,” which made use of her entrance theme.

The first album was independently released, and for her second album, James decided to raise funds on Kickstarter. Xoxo A post shared by Mickie James (@themickiejames) on The two were engaged in December 2014 and married in December 2015. James’ relationship with Magnus was worked into a TNA storyline in 2015.

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And since Trish is married to her high school sweetheart this question really doesn't apply.I was the only Diva married to someone not in the business who moved from RAW to Smackdown in 2007.this week, talking about her past and future with WWE, answering whether she requested a return to the company, and much more. About a year before that I had been doing that a couple of times. I'm sitting in Orlando airport, waiting for our flight and [Mark] Carrano calls me and I'm like, are you serious right now? " If it will be difficult working with John Cena: "We're all adults, and you know obviously this business is what it is. I think that being adults and being professionals... That would be amazing." Mickie says she had been calling WWE in hopes of returning: "I had been doing that.“It is kind of scary because you’re watching your body transform.


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