Hantuchova dating

Things off-court are also going pretty well for Maria Sharapova's former boyfriend, Grigor Dimitrov, who was seen enjoying a walk in Paris as well, with his girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger.

The off-court results of the Bulgarian are very good, but on the tennis court, he continues to struggle!

There have been few women in tennis who have had a great game and court domination to go along with their arresting looks.

There was Gabriela Sabatini, there is Maria Sharapova but Ana is someone who is also regarded among tennis fans as being one of the most pleasing personalities on the tour.

Ivanovic and Paunic, a Serbian basketball player, had been dating for around three months.

A new surface Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have added another chapter to the "crazy tennis exhibition match" file.

Off the court and into the Octagon Vania King had an unforgettable few days at a recent UFC event in Las Vegas.

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It would be phenomenal."And it would be nice if everybody could just accept that it's not a choice, this is who you are.

Last week, Maria Sharapova and the Spanish model Andrés Velencoso were in Paris for marketing reasons (Masha for her candy brand, Sugarpova), and decided to spend a little time together.

Velencoso split with the 26-year old actor Ursula Corberò at the end of 2015, while Masha split with Dimitrov almost a year ago. Looking at the following photos (taken by Hola Magazine), it looks like it is...

Break point Ana Ivanovic and new boyfriend Ivan Paunic have already broken up, less than a week after the Serbian press publicized their relationship.

There is speculation that the way Paunic spoke about the relationship publicly was a major turnoff to the Serbian tennis player.


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